Lightweight Skeleton Thermoformer

16amp 110volt Lightweight Skeleton Thermoformer

The new style 16amp 110volt Lightweight Skeleton Thermoformer is manufactured at our premises and can be made to any length, with the most popular length being to bend 3M sheets.  It is lightweight and can be picked up and carried with one hand.  It runs off a 16amp 110volt supply so there is no need for the use of the heavy 32amp transformer.  It produces the same heat output as the old traditional style thermoformer, and is quick to cool after use.  All this and keeping it's  strong durable structure.


The bodywork is designed to stay cooler allowing heat to flow through and up from the element, making it, in our opinion, more practical and efficient than the old style.


We also produce the old style thermoformer which is used with the 32amp transformer.